Fast, Profitable, Beautiful Results

Bling Spangle Transfer Machine Get Started

Fast, Profitable, Beautiful Results

Bling Spangle Transfer Machine Get Started

Welcome to ProSpangle!

Cheer, Dance, Fashion and Fanwear all have one, a consistent thing in common – BLING!

You just cannot attend a high school, college or Pro game in any sport and not see a “_____ Mom” shirt glittering from the stands or the sidelines. And every dance academy in the country MUST have at least one costume or school t-shirt that sparkles. Bling decorates everything from high fashion to local events – and that makes it a great business to be in. ProSpangle is a professional machine that makes heat press transfers out of holographic spangles. You can think of a spangle like a sequin without the hole in it, or like a flat, soft, hotfix rhinestone. But unlike rhinestones, they are soft to the touch, holographic and don’t require YOU to place stones to make the design. Running at up to 800 spangles per minute, the ProSpangle is almost 5X faster than the highest end rhinestone transfer machine AND make transfers fro about 7X less! If you want to be in the bling business you will be able to DO more and MAKE more with ProSpangle. Learn more here…

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Customer Success Story


Owner: Tori Williamson
Company: Star Spangled Bling
Decorating Technique: Spangles
Website: www.starspangledbling.com
Phone: 336-501-1125

Her love for creative design and the desire to expand her business is what drives Tori Williamson. She’s grown her business and now services multiple booming markets with her amazing designs.

Tell us a little about who you are and what you do:

My name is Tori, and I own Star Spangled Bling.  I’ve created custom designs for my stencil company for many years and was looking to expand my business. I wanted to be able to continue with my love of creating designs, yet I needed a change. I stumbled onto the ProSpangle and fell in LOVE with it! So I immediately called ColDesi at the number listed on their website and spoke with Tracy. And so my story began.

What was your biggest hurdle in getting started?

Honestly, the biggest hurdle for me was the weight of the machine!  I knew how well built the machine is but was surprised by how heavy it was. But, that was a temporary issue. Once we got the machine where we wanted it, I was off and running! I learned quickly and started creating amazing things with the software immediately.

The MOST BLING per Design

The key word here is “holographic”. Each spangle looks a lot like a high-end hotfix rhinestone – except it catches light from EVERY direction. In short, it’s really, really blingy!

Soft To The Touch

…and no added weight. You can add spangle bling to decorate performance wear for dance and cheer and not worry about what may hit the gym floor or decorate the most delicate fashion and not worry about adding weight to a neckline. Perfect for performance AND Fashion.

100% Safe For Kids

Spangles may sparkle and shine like Swarovski® rhinestones, but Spangles are NEVER lead-based so they meet CPSIA requirements every time. And since they’re flat, wafer-thin discs instead of chunks of glass they just don’t come off, can’t bruise or scratch. Baby Onesies are OK!

Are you Tired of BRUSHING Rhinestones into Templates?

You won’t believe how fast, easy and profitable going Pro (Spangle) will be!
ProSpangle is a commercial, no brush, no template, NO WEEDING machine that makes amazing bling transfers. So much faster and more cost-effective than a manual system, just the supplies you get with your initial purchase could pay for the equipment.
Just watch this video and think about how long a manual – or even an automatic – rhinestone system would take to do the same thing.

Online Course – Learn at your own pace!

You’ve been on the fence, wanting to start your own business but not sure of what is needed to do it correctly and profitably. We’ve compiled this course with you in mind. Based on our most requested ebook “What You Need To Know – Starting A Custom T-Shirt Business”, this course guides you step by step with topics like:

  • How to find an active and PROFITABLE niche market
  • The Simple Plan – what you need to do to market your product and make money doing it
  • Selling Online – See how to set up a Shopify Store
  • NOT Selling Online – How to market your business locally
  • How to set up to get found on Google and Facebook for Free
  • What equipment you should buy with VIDEOS of how they work!
  • More…

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