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Spangle Transfer Profits – Up to $205.60/hour

Spangle transfers a terrific way to generate huge extra cash for your existing business. Or, you can transform your newest designs into an online profit center in the same way you use rhinestone transfers, embroidery designs, patches, vinyl, or other heat transfer applications.

The fastest and most PROFITABLE of all of these methods is hotfix Spangle Transfers produced by the ProSpangle machine from ColDesi.

A Deep Dive at the Wholesale Potential

First, let’s look at the wholesale business potential (which is simply producing spangle transfers that you sell to other businesses for them to put on their shirts whenever they want).  All costs will be the same for ProSpangle Reels and Transfer Paper materials.

Once people find out you have a machine in town, they are going to begin asking if they can iron-on the transfers themselves.  Ironing them on is not recommended.  But your customer can buy a heat press for a low cost which will give them the freedom to press YOUR transfers on whenever they want later.

Embroidery Shops, T-Shirt Shops, Sports Teams, Clubs, Schools are all going to be great places to start looking to sell wholesale spangle transfers.  You, sell the transfers in bulk now at a slightly better cost, saving you tons of setup time, and the customer saves some money and gets more freedom It’s a win/win.

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Spangle T-Shirt Transfer Costs

Two things go into figuring out the costs for any transfer product, including spangle transfers, sequin transfers, and rhinestone transfers, for example:

Material Costs – What is the material or supply costs for making a t-shirt transfer?

Labor Costs – How long does it take to produce a spangle transfer?

Let’s take a look at those individually:

Material Costs
Material Costs are simple and so low for the actual spangle transfers that it’s almost not worth calculating.

The Cost of Transfer Paper

 The only other transfer production material cost is the transfer paper itself. Also called Hotfix tape, Hotfix paper and more, this is the material that you lay on the “table” and the ProSpangle deposits the spangles on. It’s sticky on one side, which is the part you lay on the garment during pressing.

Transfer material comes in a variety of different sized rolls and precut pieces. It’s also tricky to estimate the costs, because your design may cover a 4” square or be a foot long and use the same number of spangles. But we’ll use that specific CHEER MOM design give you an idea of the costs.

We recommend using Acrylic Transfer Paper, which you can find through this link. The new, lower cost is now just $119.48 for a 16″ by 100m roll.

100m = 3,937″ long. The Cheer Mom transfer we’re using as a sample is 6.5″ x 4″.  That means that you can fit 605 of them longwise on a roll at 6.5″, and you can go four across since they’re only 4″ wide, so 605 x 4 = 2,422 of these specific transfers on one roll of transfer tape!

2,422 transfers divided by the $119.48 for the roll means that the tape costs just a little under $.05 for each of these transfers. So even if it were TWICE as large, it would only be one dime per spangle transfer.

The Cost of Spangles

ProSpangle Reels, the spangle material itself, each hold about 262′ of spangle material and sell for $9.95. If you are creating a design using 2mm spangles, you can get 35,600 spangles from ONE reel. So each spangle costs $.000278 each.

The Cheer Mom SpanglesTransfer design pictured above contains 1,381 2mm  spangles, which means your spangle cost is 1381 X $.000278 = $.43.

We have shown that your transfer paper cost is about $.05 so your cost for the completed CHEER MOM Hotfix spangle transfer is $.48

If you were using all 3mm spangles instead you would get 27,000 spangles per ProSpangle Reel, which brings your per spangle cost up to $.0003685 each. Your CHEER MOM design would now cost you $.51 for spangles and $.05 for the transfer paper = $.56 each. 

The two most common sizes for designs are 2mm and 3mm, so this is a realistic cost analysis per transfer.

Labor Costs are more difficult to calculate because it depends on the cost of your employee’s time. One thing we can do though shows you how fast the ProSpangle is. The following video will show a single CHEER MOM design 1380 spangles, running at 1000 spangles/minute.

The actual “print” time is 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Just using the most simple approach and 1 minute 30 seconds per design you could do 40 designs per HOUR!

Spangle Transfer WHOLESALE Profits

Of course, your PROFITS are the most important thing!

Wholesale Example:

Spangle transfers sell online for between $4 and $9 each. Our CHEER MOM example would probably sell for about $6.00.

We’ve already seen the ProSpangle working at 40 designs per hour.

  • $6.00 per transfer X 40 transfers per hour = $240/hour in revenues.
  • Remember that your costs are $.48 per design in our example so..
  • Your total cost for 40 designs is 40 x $.48 = $19.20
  • Your profits = $240 in revenues per hour minus $19.20 in spangles and transfer tape – $220.80

Just subtract your hourly labor costs from that number

Of course, you may not run at full capacity every hour, and a more complex design will take longer, but the potential is amazing!

Spangle Transfer RETAIL Profits

When we talk about retail, we mean selling a completed product direct to a consumer. There is plenty of room for in-between, for providing a completed spangle t-shirt for example, to a store or online shop, but we’ll look at you taking a finished product to market yourself for this example.

We will also use the same CHEER MOM design from out Wholesale Profits section.

The costs of producing the CHEER MOM spangle transfers with ProSpangle are the same, of course, $.48. The things that will change are:

  1. Production time (labor cost) – you must allow for heat pressing, folding, hanging and shipping.
  2. Garment pricing – and this depends on the type of t-shirt, weight, sizes, etc.

Heat pressing will take approximately 15 to 30 seconds, including putting the shirt on the press, etc., but there are too many variables that depend on your specific shop, heat press model, t-shirt material, etc. to develop a good estimate.

Spangle Transfer Custom T-Shirt Profits = $268.09/Hour

A Good Rule of Thumb, Estimates

However, we’ll use a good rule of thumb at 2 minutes per shirt for our purposes.

You may be able to produce 40 transfers per hour, but if you need to heat press your spangle transfers onto a t-shirt. With your output time at around 1.5 minutes and your heat press time at 2 minutes, that’s 3.5 minutes per finished product.

Using this example, you will be able to produce 17 completed custom spangle t-shirts per hour.

The actual shirts pictured in the videos and on the Gallery page cost approximately $2.60 each – your costs may be as low as $2 or higher than the example depending on brand, quality, sizes, etc.

Your total cost per finished garment will be $.48 for the transfer + $2.60 for the t-shirt in our example = $3.08 total.

Retail Pricing for Bling T-Shirts

A recent search online for a “cheer mom” rhinestone or bling t-shirt showed an average price for a finished tee at $18.85.

  • Our estimated t-shirt cost is $3.08 each. If we produce 17 shirts per hour, that’s $52.36 in material cost/hour.
  • 17 finished shirts at $18.85 each = $320.45 in revenues per hour.
  • Your profits = $320.45/hour in revenues – $52.36/hour in hard costs =
    $268.09 IN PROFIT per HOUR

Just subtract your labor cost for that hour for your net profit.

Of course, this is a very simplified cost and profit model we’re using to help you evaluate the ProSpangle transfer business, but it’s a great place to start! Simply customize with your labor an overhead costs and allow for marketing efforts, etc. and you’ll realize that ProSpangle spangle transfers are a great way to add profits to your new or existing apparel decorating business!

For information on leasing a ProSpangle spangle transfer machine follow this link.

Cost of Spangle Transfer Material

The spangle material, which is purchased from Colman and Company, is delivered to you in ProSpangle Reels, the same ones that are on the machine when it arrived and pictured in the videos. Each reel is 80 meters long, which is just over 262 feet, and sells for $8.25.

Since you can punch out a variety of sizes, all the way up to 7mm, then cost of each spangle will vary. We’ll use the most common sizes of 2mm, 3mm and 4mm spangles and will measure them in Gross (144 pieces) so it’s easier to grasp the numbers.

  • 2mm spangles: you can produce 35,600 2mm spangles, which is the size of an SS06 rhinestone, from an 108-meter The spool is $9.95
  • $9.95 / 35,600 spangles = $.0002794 each or $.040 per gross. An average design of 800 spangles would cost $.22 in spangles. The same design in a color rhinestone would cost $3.80 in stones, depending on your purchase.
  • 3mm spangles: you can produce 27,000 3mm spangles, which is the size of an SS10, from an 108-meter spool at the $9.95 price.
  • $9.95 / 27,000 spangles = $.0003611 each or $.052 per gross. Using the same design size of 800 spangles, your cost would be $.29 in spangles.
  • 4mm spangles: this is where your material cost savings multiply! You can produce 21,500 spangles from one 108 meter reel of material at the $9.95 price.
  • $9.95 / 21,500 = $.0005 each or $.08 per gross. 4mm, SS16 color Hotfix rhinestones sell for up to $1.50 per gross. That’s a HUGE saving. So an 800 spangle design would cost you just $.44 for the entire design!


Spangle Reels available at Colmanandcompany.com

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